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Avast, me hearties! Are you looking for mirth and merriment? Then you're fortunate to have happened upon our port of call referred to by pirates as Privateer Dragons' Island, land of adventure. We're the good-natured Privateer Dragons of the Caribbean, Laktos the Intolerable and Inga Cuckoo, who travel the seven seas in search of renaissance faires, pirate festivals, and medieval fairs. If you're ready for fun, then set sail aboard the ship Morning Star. We're headed to the nearest renaissance faire for shore leave. Once we dock, you'll be meeting all sorts of pirates and scurvy dogs. Though some may be heavily armed, you needn't be afraid. Just find the closest ale stand and offer to buy the first round.

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Current Renaissance Faires & Pirate Fests

AL, Florence  Oct 23-24, 2021  Alabama Renaissance Faire

CA, Hollister  Sep 18-Oct 24, 2021  Northern California Renaissance Faire

CT, Lebanon  Sep 4-Oct 17, 2021  Connecticut Renaissance Faire

FL, Myakka City  Nov 6-28, 2021  Sarasota Medieval Fair

KS, Bonner Springs  Sept 4-Oct 17, 2021  Kansas City Renaissance Festival

LA, Hammond  Nov 6-Dec 12, 2021  Louisiana Renaissance Festival

MD, Annapolis  Aug 28-Oct 24, 2021  Maryland Renaissance Festival

MI, Holly  Aug 21-Oct 3, 2021  Michigan Renaissance Festival

MO, Wentzville  Sept 18-Oct 24, 2021  St. Louis Renaissance Faire

NV, Las Vegas  Oct 15-17, 2021  Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival

NY, Tuxedo Park  Aug 21-Oct 3, 2021  New York Renaissance Faire

NC, Huntersville  Oct 2-Nov 21, 2021  Carolina Renaissance Festival & Artisan Marketplace

OH, Harveysburg  Sept 4-Oct 31, 2021  Ohio Renaissance Festival

PA, Manheim  Aug 21-Oct 31, 2021  Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

TX, Todd Mission  Oct 9-Nov 28, 2021  Texas Renaissance Festival

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