Privateer Dragons of the Caribbean
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Privateer Dragons of the Caribbean © Lunamont Visions Art Privateer Dragons, Laktos and Inga Avast, me hearties! Are ye a fun-lovin' soul looking for mirth and merriment?  Then ye be fortunate indeed by happenin' upon our port o' call referred to by pirates as Privateer Dragons' Island, land of adventure. We be the good-natured Privateers Dragons of the Caribbean, Laktos the Intolerable and Inga Cuckoo, who travel the seven seas in search of renaissance faires and pirate festivals.

If ye be ready for adventure, set sail with our mateys aboard our square-rigger the Morning Star. We be headin' for the nearest renaissance faire for shore leave. Once we dock, ye'll be meetin' all sorts of pirates and scurvy dogs. Though some be heavily armed, ye needn't be afeared. Just find the nearest pub and offer 'em a cold brew.

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Current Pirate Festivals and Renaissance Faires 2017

CA, Fawnskin • Aug 5-27, 2017  Big Bear Renaissance Fair

CA, Folsom • Sep 23-24, 2017  Folsom Renaissance Faire

CA, Hollister • Sep 16-Oct 15, 2017  Northern California Renaissance Faire

CA, San Jose • Aug 5-6, 2017  San Jose Renaissance Faire

CT, North Haven • Sept 2-Oct 9, 2017  Connecticut Renaissance Faire

IA, Des Moines • Sept 2-17, 2017  Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow

KS, Bonner Springs • Sept 2-Oct 15, 2017  Kansas City Renaissance Festival

MI, Augusta • Aug 19-Oct 1, 2017  Michigan Renaissance Festival

MI, Holly • July 8-Aug 6, 2017  Black Rock Medieval Festival

MN, Owatonna • August 12-13  Iowa-Minnesota Pirate Festival

MN, Shakopee • Aug 19-Oct 1, 2017  Minnesota Renaissance Festival

MO, Wentzville • Sept 16-Oct 15, 2017  St. Louis Renaissance Faire

NY, Alexandria Bay • Aug 11-20, 2017  Bill Johnston's Pirates Days

NY, Palmyra • Aug 11-12, 2017  Palmyra Pirate Weekend

NY, Tuxedo Park • Aug 5-Oct 1, 2017  New York Renaissance Faire

NY, West Sayville • Events 2017  Ye Pyrate Brotherhood

NC, Huntersville • Sept 30-Nov 19, 2017  Carolina Renaissance Festival

OH, Harveysburg • Sept 2-Oct 29, 2017  Ohio Renaissance Festival

OH, Rock Creek • Jul 8-Aug 13, 2017  Great Lakes Medieval Faire & MarketPlace

OR, Kings Valley • Sept 9-10, 2017  Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire

PA, Manheim • Aug 5-Oct 29, 2017  Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

PA, Wrightstown • Sep 16-17, 2017  The Village Renaissance Faire

TX, Todd Mission • Sep 30-Nov 26, 2017  Texas Renaissance Festival

WA, Bonney Lake • Aug 5-20, 2017  Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

WA, Carnation • May 6-Oct 1, 2017  Festivals at Camlann Medieval Village

WI, Kenosha • July 8-Sept 4, 2017  Bristol Renaissance Faire

Denmark, Frederikshavn • Sept 1-3, 2017  Tordenskioldsdage

ON, Guelph • Aug 5-7, 2017  The Pirate Festival

Take heed: Contact the event planners to confirm the faire dates before travelin' to faire. Ye wouldn't want to show up in costume with no festivities to enjoy! Find more festivals

Inga Cuckoo

Privateer Dragons' Secrets

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Privateers' Festival Photos

Bristol Renaissance Faire 2017
Bristol Ren Faire Photos
Queen's Closing Parade

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