Privateer Dragons of the Caribbean
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Avast, me hearties! Are you looking for mirth and merriment?  Privateer Dragons Founders Then you're fortunate to have happened upon our port of call referred to by pirates as Privateer Dragons' Island, Privateer Dragons of the Caribbean © Lunamont Visions Art land of adventure. We're the good-natured Privateers Dragons of the Caribbean, Laktos the Intolerable and Inga Cuckoo, who travel the seven seas in search of renaissance faires and pirate festivals.

If you're ready for fun, then set sail aboard the ship Morning Star. We're headed to the nearest renaissance faire for shore leave. Once we dock, you'll be meeting all sorts of pirates and scurvy dogs. Though some may be heavily armed, you needn't be afraid. Just find the closest ale stand and offer to buy the first round.

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Where to Find Pirate Festivals and Renaissance Faires 2017

Yes, it's happened: Be sure to confirm the festival dates before heading out. You wouldn't want to show up in costume with no festivities to enjoy! Been there, done that :) Find more festivals

Inga Cuckoo

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Bristol Closing Parade Video Clip

Bristol Faire Photos

Bristol Ren Faire Photos

Our Stories, Our Art ~ Check Out Our Science Fiction Series

Dreams Of Betrayal: The Vortex, Volume 1

Dreams of Betrayal
The Vortex
Volume 1

Paperback:  430 pages
ISBN-10: 1978313020
ISBN-13: 978-1978313026

Dreams Of Betrayal: Realm of Nightmares, Volume 2

Dreams of Betrayal
Realm of Nightmares
Volume 2

Paperback:  306 pages
ISBN-10: 1978325673
ISBN-13: 978-1978325678

Dreams Of Betrayal: Satellite of Doom, Volume 3

Dreams of Betrayal
Satellite of Doom
Volume 3

Paperback:  396 pages
ISBN-10: 1978329687
ISBN-13: 978-1978329683

Dreams Of Betrayal: Battle for Capernaum, Volume 4

Dreams of Betrayal
Battle for Capernaum
Volume 4

Paperback:  374 pages
ISBN-10: 1978348770
ISBN-13: 978-1978348776


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